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Is fashion art?

Másfél millió egy fogpiszkálóért képpel Rekord összegért, több mint 65 millió fontért kelt el Alberto Giacometti életnagyságú bronz szobra Londonban, a Sotheby's árverésén. Mindössze nyolc perccel az árverés megkezdése után, 12 millióról 65 millió fontra, vagyis 20,19 milliárd forintra tornázta fel magát Giacometti egyik jellegzetes, nyúlánk bronz szobra. Ezzel a világ legdrágább műtárgyává lépett elő, amit aukción értékesítettek.

Boutiques look more like art galleries. Picasso crypto trader shoes look more like a Damien Hurst installation than something to go for a walk in.

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It was Stella McCartney's collaboration with King of Kitsch, Jeff Koons, for her current collection that really kick started the current trend for all things arty. Jeff Koons is picasso crypto trader cool for school! American designer Prouenza Schouler - whose creations have already been snapped up by Arthouse icon du jour Chloe Sevigny - chose the chaotic squiggles of abstract American artist Cy Twombly as inspiration for his collection.

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Donna Karan, normally associated with minimalist and monochrome clothes is another designer to have got swept away with her artistic side. I was married to one the late Stephan Weissam inspired by them and have worked with many of them during my career.

They ditched the catwalk entirely and instead unveiled their collection in the sculpture studio at Chelsea School of Art. But surprisingly, the pair are adamant that art and fashion are two very separate things.


So just what is it that has made art the new best friend for fashion to hang out with? Although she admits the two worlds overlap, Verhoeven has no trouble defining the boundaries between her two passions. You have no consideration for anyone else.

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If you did that with your clothes, the business would go under.