Bitcoin shop inc, Negative Bitcoin Chatter on the Rise

Negative Bitcoin Chatter on the Rise Read full article Bob Mason December 19,AM Bitcoin continues to move sideways bitcoin shop inc the rest of the pack get all the interest, though we are seeing Bitcoin futures on the rise this morning.

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Negative chatter and a lack of direction could see Bitcoin fall back to sub, levels this week. The moves through Monday were certainly not what the cryptomarkets are usually accustomed to, with Bitcoin moving within a relatively tight range for a cryptocurrency that normally sees more significant intraday moves.

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We have also seen the prices on the Cboe and CME futures exchanges converge, which will be good news, though when the smart money begins to pull down the Bitcoin futures prices remains to be seen, with investors playing it safe for now. As it Stands At the time of writing, Bitcoin is down 1.

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Some have missed the rally and are looking to burst the bubble. It may not be the speculators that ultimately bring down the Bitcoin house however, with the sheer demand for Bitcoin and the unstable network that results considered to be a key risk to price stability.

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