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Magnate Club is a unique 3D game of city building, trading, arbitrage, resource management and business exchange that is easy to learn and indefinitely re-playable. Key features: Buy and sell multi-million dollar royal miner bitcoin - success isn't random — increase your business acumen by picking the right times bitcoin specifikáció buy, sell or rent out your buildings.

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Be creative. Design and build your own soaring skyscrapers.

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Create a beautiful modern city. Diversify your investments: own a car factory, an airport, a solar farm, a wind farm, a shopping mall, a royal palace, a sports stadium, a casino resort and a bitcoin mine.

Find different ways of making money: you can flip existing properties, trade commodities, buy unused land, develop luxury apartments and upgrade your existing businesses.

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Assemble your own private army and battle it out with other players for coins. Unlock new technologies such as super-tall skyscrapers, lucrative gold mines and futuristic military technology.

Speciális promóciók csak korlátozott ideig.

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A következő speciális funkciók fel vannak oldva: - Luxus bevásárlóközpont.